Tediousness of bathroom repairs

Getting your bathroom repaired or dealing with the related problems can be a highly tedious task. At many instances, a lot of people prefer to do the basic plumbing related affairs on their down. However there are a lot of tasks which can only be handled and dealt with by a professional who is expert at plumbing. Apart from a basic necessity, the bathroom repairs also come as one of those ways and projects that can help you redecorate your bathroom and help in the overall improvement of your home. Yes the process consumes time and also costs you a lot, but if done by professionals like Instagenie,Amazon home services, Roto rooter etc your stress regarding this would get minimized to a huge level.


Considered as of the most important places in a house, making sure that the washrooms are additionally clean and maintained is very important. No matter how dedicatedly you maintain or keep your bathroom clean, there are a lot of areas that can be taken care of when you take professional help. When the professionals of Instagenie come to provide you plumbing services, they take care of the minutest of all details. Though regular servicing and examination can make sure that you don’t end up in bigger problems, there is a lot that gets damaged with time. With the help of the latest tools and the machineries that are available with the professional plumbing companies the bathroom repairs can be taken care of very easily.

No matter how quickly or on regular basis you do the remodeling of the house or the bathroom, a lot of components like the tanks and the pipelines cannot be changed on a frequent basis. This process is very expensive. The best solution to this problem is the regular maintenance. There are some problems which need to be taken care of on an initial level only. If you don’t do it the problems would keep on piling up thus becoming bigger and messy. Although the DIY approach for plumbing is good and if you do it on a monthly basis, the chances of getting stuck into bigger problems would get minimized. Even if you won’t be able to find out what the exact problem is, there are chances you would atleast detect that there is definitely wrong.

When you hire reputed and experienced plumbing professionals from Instagenie, they would use all the latest tools and technologies to find out the real problems that is causing problems in your bathroom. Problem detection and treatment in bathroom can be easily done. Since they know exactly what the problem is and how it has to be solved, the chances of problems getting bigger or not getting solved from the core get reduced to minimum thereby keeping your bathroom safe and beautiful. With the flexibility of making a booking with the plumbing services providers in any part of the city you can stay assured that you are choosing the right hands for your plumbing repairs.


Property hangover: Discounts, gold to cure multi-billion dollar backlog

Flats in Chennai for saleare still going through tough times as sellers are not finding them easy to liquidate. The unsold inventory in Chennai property market is at record high and the figures are only marginally better as compared to other prominent cities of India. The countrywide backlog stands at multi-billion dollar.

The developers in the southern city of Tamil Nadu are trying several tricks to offload the rising hangover and are coming up with several kinds of discount including:

  • Free gold coins on booking
  • Entry level hatch back car on paying the 20% down payment
  • Foreign trips for the family of 3 to 4 people on booking the flats at launch or under construction stage
  • Various finance schemes such as 5:90:5, which means 5% upfront payment, 90% money through loan and remaining 5% to be paid on possession
  • Discounts of up to 200 to 300 rupees per square feet on market rate
  • No registration, stamp duty, service or VAT on flat purchase, etc.

However, none of these seem to be working as of now for offline sales. The reasons are plenty. And amongst them the prominent ones include high property prices. In Chennai alone, the real estate prices in most places across the city have more than doubled in the last 5 years and even though the backlog is increasing, the developers continue to escalate the cost of flats,each quarter and sometimes even monthly. Hence, discounts of few hundred rupees actually make no sense to prospective home buyers. Other than this, the rising property frauds, inaction by the previous regime, lack of reform measures, higher income rates and stagnant salaries during the recession years have also played their role. All of these factors collectively have meant that the flats in Chennai for sale cannot be taken off the shelf easily. Here is a look at the current inventory situation in this city –

Approximately 7 quarters of backlog

As per the data from the leading consultants, it took more than 4 years for the developers in India to cash their assets.But the rise of online real estate web portals like Housing.com has salvaged the situation to a large extent. This is because a site like Housing.com has brought in the much needed transparency and clearness in the property sector, increased the retail participation, gave the common men, builders and developers a joint platform to buy, sell and rent their assets and ensured price rationalization. As a result, the unsold inventory in Chennai now stands at 7 quarters, which is a tad more than 6 quarters, regarded as the healthy signs for realty industry.

New launches and offline sales have fallen

The constant slowdown that existed in the property sector over the last few years has led to fall of new launches and offline sales across the country. The number of new projects being launched in Chennai has fallen by 25% and the sales have declined by 10% year on year. Nonetheless, with realty e-commerce picking up, and property sites like Housing.com making their presence felt across the spectrum, the sales numbers are expected to increase in the coming quarters.

Technology Trends in Home Security Systems

Discover all of the magical wonders that the technology world has to offer for your home today. Smart Security Camera is part of an elite group of technicians that are certified to install some of the newest security products that have been coming out most recently. Home Security is a concern for many homeowners, and it comes with no surprise. Property crimes have begun to decrease over the past couple of years, and home security systems have a great deal to do with that reason.

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With the installation of home security systems, it is now possible to ensure the safety of your property as well as your family that resides inside. Many of the services offered by Smart Security Camera are ones of the top priority. This includes Security Cameras, Alarm Monitoring, Access Control, and Intercom Systems. All of these services have been offered to homeowners for decades, but only recently have they been available with options to digitally integrate. The ability to have digital access of these services for home security systems provides the convenience of remote access.

Remote Accessibility is one of the possibilities that technology has been trending towards, and with the flourishing of smartphones and tablets in many homes, it becomes a reality to have the remote monitoring opportunity for families. Parents can now feel safer when their children get home from school. Within the palm of their hands, they can be at work, and have control to monitor what time the children arrive at the home through the notification from the alarm system. Parents can also view live footage of the kids to see if any friends happened to come home with them. If any reason the kids decide to leave the home and forget to close the garage door or lock the front door, with the touch of a button, parents can lock the front door and have the garage door close.

Never before has there been so many convenient ways for homeowners to keep track of everything happening at their home. Not to mention that they don’t even have to be home in order to do so. For those who love to travel or may have a second home in another location of the country, they require a need to have home security systems. It’s not wise to leave a home unattended for a long period of time, and it can be expensive to hire a house sitter. With the introduction of home automation controls on your phone, it becomes possible to keep your home looking busy without even stepping foot on the property.

Lighting control can be used to have the lights go on and off at set times, or at any time you wish to push the button on your smart mobile device. Make the burglars feel your presence with motion activated lights as well as the ability to turn the TV on and off at normal prime time hours. Have control over your blinds in case you forgot to close them up before leaving for your flight. If by any chance a burglar attempts to gain access to your home, the alarm system will automatically send you a notification, and can be programed to notify the authorities as well. Not to forget the daunting alarm that blares if the doors or windows are tampered with at any time.

Home Security Systems have truly become a user friendly technology that most homeowners will see installed in their property as times progress. These systems are getting smarter, and the smart decision is to make sure your home is secured before it’s too late.