Hall runners

Mistakes you don’t want to make when you purchase rugs and hall runners

There are all kinds of mistakes you can make when you’re looking to purchase carpets and rugs for your interior spaces – far more mistakes than most people are aware of (at least until they put the wrong kind of carpet or hall runners down, anyway).

In order to help you avoid all of that headache and hassle and to cut down dramatically on the amount of time you have to spend shopping for rugs or hall runners with together this quick guide. Use the inside information below when you start to shop for these kinds of interior design elements and you will be able to enjoy a perfectly pulled together space with a rug that just makes sense!

Beware of rugs that do not fit the space

When you are shopping for rugs or hall runners you need to be sure that you are searching for floor coverings that are the “Goldilocks Ideal” – rugs that aren’t too small or too large but instead just right.

This can be quite a challenge for people as the space that they are trying to cover is going to be anything but uniform, though the overwhelming majority of rugs and hall runners are cut to very specific sizes.

You’ll want to measure both of the length and the weight of the space that you are going to be covering with rugs, and then you’re going to want to make sure that you are leaving quite a bit of space as a “buffer zone” so that the entire area doesn’t look like it is carpeted.

If anything, you’ll want to try and err on the side of going with hall runners that are a little bit on the thinner side of things – wall-to-wall runners in a hallway can look very, very tacky.

Fall in love with layering and texture

One of the most “advanced” approaches to getting your interior space to look just right with the help of rugs and hall runners is to forget about trying to pull off a look with just one of these floor coverings solutions and instead utilizing two or three different pieces in combination with one another to pull the entire space together.

Layering (especially when you do so with a bunch of different colours and textures) can really transform a space that was a little bit on the vanilla side of things into something really special – and it doesn’t really take any extra effort and not that much extra money, either.

It helps you add a lot of visual interest to a space (especially if you use contrasting colours and a couple different textures along the way), but it also gives you the freedom to use different sized runners and carpets as well.

This should speed up the shopping trip that you go through when looking to purchase floor coverings solutions, and it also gives you the freedom to avoid having to pick one hall runner or the other since you get to use both of them now!

Bali vacation rentals gaining popularity

The concept of vacation rental is now getting a big popularity. Not for the family that are out for spending vacations,  but for the individual travelers also get attracted to the this concept. These  homes always provide more space with lower budget. These are all cheaper than the accommodation in a hotel. If you are the one of those tourists who gets easily home sick, these homes are great for them. They feel like staying home all the time they are away from home. If you search fantasy in the reality, the Bali vacation rentals are the best options for you. The ocean front rentals will make you feel completely different.

Trying for a vocational rental is now one of the better options till this day. There are multiple properties to choose from. If you’re the parents of any kids, the baby boomers are the best. They offer an extended stay.  The newly married couple, out for honeymoon,  wish to have an extended holiday rental.  The people who need to leave the house in order to overcome the monotony of life, Vacation rentals are a really good idea to invest. Presently, it is  the best time to visit the houses. You can choose for the extended stay.  Most people think of the beach house when they think about the vacation house. These houses are most often better than the hotels. It is affordable alternatives also.

The homeowners, from the rural countryside to the big  cities, rent out their  homes, villas, cabins, apartment, cottage to the travelers to live comfortably for a longer period. Many owners offer rentals and they go with  personal pools and patios. These vacation rentals  with the other areas allow the travelers spending a few hours to enjoy the sunset. They can plan their next travelling enjoyment after enjoying the sunset, reading of the book, thinking, and planning what they want to see or do next.

There are as a rule two types of renters:

Property owners and professional property managers. The first one offer flexible rates and dates. But the latter, often offer professional service of hospitality. They often have their own skilled staff who can help the customers on site professionally.

How the vacation rentals differ from hotels

There are a lot of differences between them. The vacation starts from apartment to house for the accommodation of twenty people. The borders can stay 1-7 days with options of cooking with personal kitchen with kitchenwares. In case hotels minimum stay varies. There are some rental houses that allow pets. But there are some hotels  that allow it. Some of the vacation rentals  supply maximum kids’ amenities free of cost. But amenities like play pan, perambulator need extra charges. The privacy of Bali vacation rentals is high. You don’t have to share common walls of the Bathroom or the common space.
But the privacy in a hotel is not so rigid. It is rather medium. Walls and the hallways are shared with the other travelers. If you are really willing to enjoy  a long and short stay in the Vacation rentals, you will end up in gaining over your expenditure.

Bathroom Trends of 2016

Bathrooms are in constant need of updating for one reason or another. Maybe you want a whole new look or maybe you need to replace some things and a complete overhaul just makes more sense.

Whatever the case, before beginning the demolition part of your remodel, consider these 2016 bathroom trends. They will update your space by giving it a modern look and be completely functional.

  1. Wet Rooms. They are usually designed for modern homes but they are becoming more and more popular among older homes that are in the middle of a makeover. They have open-floor plans and a seamless floor without a step-in shower. They are very stylish and versatile and guaranteed to improve the value of your home. Wet rooms are great for small bathrooms and increase the overall safety of your bathroom.
  2. Open Shelving. Rolling up your towels and placing them on open shelves is really chic and clean. They maximise floor space and can be used for just about anything. Open shelving will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom by getting rid of clutter and adding a bit of sophistication.
  3. Undermounted Sinks. You’ll never find a sink quite as beautiful as an undermounted sink that fits perfectly underneath the solid surface of the countertop. These sinks create a sleek and attractive finish with a continuous flow from the counter to the sink. They’re easier to clean and great for utilising all the space you have.
  4. Water Efficient Taps & More. Bathroom remodelling is slowly moving towards eco-friendly and cost-effective options such as shower heads, toilets and water taps. They can all reduce the amount of water you use without losing water pressure. They are safer for the environment and these new trends will save you money in the long run.
  5. Underfloor Heating.This is very popular right now, especially in colder areas. Underfloor heating gives you the warmth you need right beneath your toes. People are finally realising that underfloor heating is a cost-effective way of heating your home and it requires little to no maintenance.

Bathroom trends are constantly on the move with all the updating that can be done to older homes. But unlike other trends, we can expect these to stay in style. Between the modernity of the wet room and the convenience of the underfloor heating, you can create the perfect bathroom.

4 Low Cost Home Improvements

Selling a home is typically a hassle that deals with a bunch of variables. Each buyer is unique and home appeal is far from unanimous. What might be somebody’s dream home could be a slum for the next visitor. Some buyers are craving a pristine, spacious backyard; others will want a resort bathtub; yet some people may want a home theater system. If you’re trying to appeal to every real estate consumer then stop now. It’s not going to work and you won’t be hiring a moving company anytime soon. You can’t please every potential customer, so why try? Sure, you can go ahead and take your mother’s tea pal advice by investing $15,000 into a new kitchen, and if you’re very lucky you might get a 60 percent return on investment. Or you can do the smart thing by spending less than $1,000, and immensely improve your home’s aesthetic appeal during showings. This is the obvious choice if your plan is to sell your house and move to a new home as quickly as possible.

Replace the Carpet

Gnarled, gross carpet is an eye sore and detracts from any home. That new kitchen won’t matter if the potential buyer smells pet urine stains when they walk through the door. Lighting candles only masked the smell; it’s still there, and a fresh nose can pick it out. The best way to get rid of an unappealing floor décor is to literally get rid of it. Call a junk removal service and have them haul away any carpets that are past their usefulness. While you’re at it, have them remove rotting floorboards and tacky tile. Getting a nice, plush carpet from a local home improvement store isn’t necessarily cheap, but depending on how many rooms you’re replacing you can likely get the project completed for less than $300 if you install it yourself. Another option is to install laminate wood and play throw rugs on top for a classier appearance that’s easy to maintain.

Mop the Walls

The colors of your walls can dictate how gross they look. You likely won’t notice it, but walls attract a lot of grime. In every dark blue side wall there is a ecosystem of black smudges from greasy hands, especially near doorways. Grab your floor mop, put on a clean mop head, add some cleaning product and (if the wall in question is white) a smidgen of bleach and then you’re ready to clean. Wipe down the walls from base to ceiling with your odd-smelling concoction. After enough scrubbing you’ll finally realize what a clean wall looks like.

Create Shelf Space

You can easily eliminate the feeling of clutter and add more space to your kitchen by mounting blinds, paper towel racks and dish cloth holders to the walls or cabinets. Making your home appear more spacious will interest serious buyers, and get your home sold much quicker.

Have a Clear View

Dirty windows are an immediate disqualifier for many people. Folks like to be able to see themselves living in a space. Replacing any cracked, dinged up or otherwise imperfect windows is a good idea. If you can afford the expense then upgrade those old windows to energy efficient versions. The thicker glass acts as a selling point to resist heat in the summer and retain it in the winter. It’ll help the new home owner with their utility costs.

How to Protect Your Business from Break-In

When you have worked most of your adult life to create a successful business, the last thing you want to have to deal with is somebody breaking into it and stealing everything that you have worked so hard to achieve. Unfortunately, this sort of thing does happen each and every day. Even if you have a security system in place, it isn’t always enough to prevent someone from breaking in. In reality, it gets harder with each passing day to prevent people from taking you to the cleaners, all so they can get whatever financial gains they can obtain from it without having to do an honest day’s work on their own.

You might think that you have a comprehensive security system in place, but when is the last time you had it updated? There are a lot of things about security systems that provide nothing more than a false sense of security. The truth is, criminals often think of new and innovative ways to get past whatever system you have in place. A perfect example is the burglar bar, that bar that allows you to open the door from the inside while no one can open it from the outside, at least in theory. You might think this is one of the most secure types of doors in existence. The truth will probably surprise you.

In reality, it is time to start looking for burglar bar alternatives, especially in places like Las Vegas, NV. The reason that these doors are not as secure as they appear to be is that it is relatively easy for someone who has already gained access to the building during the day to simply prop them open where they look like they are closed but they are not really secured. Unless you are very diligent about checking those doors, it would be relatively easy to miss. This would allow someone to open the door and walk right in after you have closed your business for the day.

The solution to problems like this is to contact a company like Security Screen Masters to let their experts provide you with quality window screens if should worry about the safety of your business, especially when you are not there, this could be the very thing that you have been looking for.

The essentials of floor screed mix

The act of screeding is simply defined as using a well-blended mixture, known as floor screed mix to a floor base in order to create a sturdy basewhich will hold the final floor finish as its top layer. The process sounds like it is a pretty simple one, but the floor screed mix plays a major role in the making of a sturdy floor, ensuring quality, durability, and the overall finish of the entire flooring.

A well-produced screed mix can extend the life of the floor and also do wonders in terms of quality. A failed or inappropriate screed mix, on the other hand, can considerably move the quality of the floor and could be a massively costly problem with drastic measures being vital to recover it to a satisfactory condition.

In an initiative to impart knowledge in the field of floor screed and to bring down the percentage of screed failure issues, we want to discuss some essentials relating to floor screed mix and the resulting floor screed.

Following are the essential measures that will leave you with the right floor screed:

  • Pick a contractor who is trustworthy and known for his floor screed projects.
  • Pick the right floor screed and the suitable floor screed mix
  • The choice of process for installing the screed should be appropriate.
  • Follow the correct measures for screed protection.


How to pick the right screeding contractor? Well, it should definitely be one with vast experience in floor screed, a well-trained and skilled workforce for the job, latest equipment as well as acquire modern technology and have strong references which can back up the claims made by the contractor.

Do the contractor backgrounds check to find out all these details and the more experienced one you can find, the better. A good contractor can handle everything ranging from planning, mix design, choice of the screed, screed laying to screed protection and delivering on time and within the agreed budget.


Kitchen Designs Leading the Charge in 2016

Upcoming trends in kitchen designs rely heavily on color and convenience. Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home and with good reason. Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing meals, eating, entertaining, and working on hobbies or schoolwork. When you decide it’s time to create a kitchen makeover in your home, choose a reputable handyman from a reliable company. Here’s a look at the latest popular kitchen makeover designs.

Hi-Tech Upgrades

Today’s kitchen is going to feature a modern taste of technology with hidden charging stations for electronic devices, keeping families tethered to this popular room of the house even more so than in the past. Smart appliances are going to become a staple rather than an option. From built-in wine coolers to hi-tech ranges and refrigerators, the kitchen is going to have everything needed to simplify its functionality.

Soft Hues

The coloring of kitchens has come a long way since the 1950s when autumn golds and greens were popular. Today’s kitchens are styled to feature pale pastel with an undertone of gray, charcoal, and, of course, the ever popular white. You can expect to see blues and greens but nothing reminiscent of past decades.

Reflective Surfaces

Enhancing the attractiveness of the kitchen is the goal this year. Therefore, surfaces offering reflective qualities are going to appear in kitchens undergoing renovations in 2016. Popular choices this year include mirrored backsplashes and metal range hoods. The focus will be on natural metals that glisten and shimmer, including copper and brass.

Hidden Appliances

Homes with an open floor plan featuring kitchens that merge with other living spaces will incorporate hidden appliances into their spaces. Rather than featuring traditional ranges, dishwashers, and wine coolers, the kitchens of 2016 will have appliances that hide behind cabinetry that matches the rest of the kitchen in styling.

Deliberate Placement

Eschewing traditional placements in favor of designs that deliver enhanced functionality for the intended purpose of the kitchen (food preparation, cooking, and eating), the latest trends make use of strategically placed cabinets, counter tops, lighting, and appliances.

Kitchen Inspiration

Planning a kitchen requires careful planning. After all, it is probably going to be several years before you even think about planning another kitchen makeover. Think over your choices carefully and consider browsing through a few before-and-after kitchen designs to assist you in narrowing down your personal selection of materials, colors, and designs.


The summer heat is bogging us down and this would be a very bad time if your air conditioning unit broke down. You don’t want to sit in absolute misery while the technician tries to figure out what’s wrong with your air conditioner, do you? Assuming that the answer to that is “yes”, listed below are a few common problems that can turn your “cool” machine into a really “uncool” one, so take note and make sure that you aren’t guilty of any of these…


  • Insufficient maintenance

Although an air-conditioner isn’t high maintenance, it may throw some tantrums if you don’t look after it well enough. The filters and AC coils get dirty after a few weeks of usage as the filtered dust particles are stuck inside. The compressor and fan may also fail if adequate care is not taken. A simple way out of this is to regularly open the AC and get it cleaned by a technician or look up tips on how to do it yourself.

  • Electric control failure

Very often we play with our AC’s remote control, constantly switching it on and off… yeah, we need to stop doing that as it messes with the compressor and fan. Very often, even the wires and terminals inside the AC can corrode which increases the chances of the whole unit failing. To avoid this, ensure that you get the electrical connections thoroughly checked by a technician regularly.

  • Sensor problems

Air-conditioners have a thermostat sensor which is placed behind the control panel. The work of the sensor is to measure the temperature of the air coming into the coil. If this sensor is positioned improperly due to any reason, the AC may function unsteadily. If this happens, simply adjust the position of the sensor by gently bending the wire that holds it in place next to the coil.

  • Drainage issues

Regularly check the condensation drain to ensure that there aren’t any clogs that might disrupt the drainage. It’s a simple way of making sure that your AC is doing well when it’s humid outside.

  • Refrigerant leaks

Firstly, such a leak can be very harmful to the environment. So that’s one of the major reasons as to why you need to check for such leaks. If there is a leak, call a technician right away as he can help you with his expertise and judgment. The technician will fix the source of the leak, test it, and fill the system with the right amount of refrigerant as suggested by the AC manufacturer. The AC works most efficiently when the amount is correct.

Whatever the case may be, ensure that you have only qualified and certified technicians operating the AC, as incorrect handling may lead to further problems with the appliance that will only add to your summery frustration and annoyance.

In case you wish to handle the problems yourself, ensure that you have adequate information before you start experimenting with the AC yourself!


Give your bathroom a new look with shower stalls

If your shower stalls are beginning to lose its shine and look unappealing, then it’s time that you replace them with the new acrylic shower stalls. Crunchy and clean shower stalls will definitely enhance the look of your bathroom. Moreover replacing the decayed stall with the latest one is also very hygienic & healthful. Well the main dilemma arises which one to choose, shower enclosures or shower stalls.

Shower enclosures are a bit rugged consist of doors whereas shower stalls are free standing shower items. The main advantage of shower stalls is that these are pre-fabricated and can be installed in any part of the bathroom. Well these stalls come with complete kit which contain shower, flooring and doors that swing open or slide. Another advantage of these acrylic shower stall is that these are lightweight, portable and require less maintenance.

Some shower stalls also come with few added features like handle bars for safety and built-in cabinets for keeping little things like soap and shampoo. These showers stalls are very easy to install and come with a complete package. But will it will be good that you opt for the services of a plumber to assist you in handling the installation work. Moreover you can also discuss your requirement with the seller who will help you in choosing the best.

These shower stalls give bit privacy while bathing, and also keep the bathroom area clean. Pre-fabricated stalls are quiet cheap, but you can also get yourself a customized shower stall but for that you have to spend a little extra amount. Compared to the fiberglass the acrylic shower stalls are considered best. Although these acrylic shower stalls are bit heavier and costly but the advantage of these stalls is the permanence and longer life. Fiberglass stalls provide the benefit of cost & weight within the acrylics.

Apart from traditional bath-ware stores, these shower stalls are also available on online stores, where you will come across different varieties that you won’t be able to find at brick and mortar stores.

Finding Perfect Door Hardwares for the Door

The sliding doors are mostly opted to be installed in the interiors of the residences. Most of the sliding doors need to be customized and designed according to the tastes of the buyer and the functionality of the door at the provided space. The track doors add style to the home décor,so here are few things that you must consider before having the track door hardware installed at your space.

  • You will find a variety of door hardwares that can further be customized according to your preferred tastesand style. Since it not very often that you would be changing your door hardwares, we suggest that you select a barn door or a track door hardware that matches your current home scheme and taste.
  • Check the wall space to determine if the walls will be able to accommodate the doors. The trackdoors are generally very large in size and can even utilize the entire wall covering more empty space from the room. The system also necessitates more work if in case you plan to switch back to a regular door.
  • It is also important to check up on the wall and know that the wall is structurally safe for the door to be mounted.
  • See if you would need a lock for the Barn door? Usually a hook and an eye are used on these sliding track doors; and if the door thumps into the wall a bolt and knob lock is certainly important.
  • A number of hardwares are available in the market to hang the doors. All of them have different colors, styles and features .e.g. stainless steel hardware would not suit the rustic décor. Choose the right one for you space.
  • Every track door does not require a door pull. Nobody better than you will be able to decide if the door would need a door pull. Remember that if the door will be used frequently, it is better to have a door pull fixed. Although it is easy to open and close the track doors as the majority of the weight and strain.

So whatever track door you choose picking the hard parts finalizes the look of the door and the house. RW Hardware Solutions since 1880 has been in the business of making door hardware and produce some of the best RW Track Door Hardware.