Be Prepared to Remove Oil Stains on Carpets

Cleaning carpets could give owners a headache, especially when they do not have the time to properly take care of this delicate home décor. The worst part is, if not cleaned regularly, soil and liquid spills can accumulate, making it a lot harder to clean. But did you know that there are things at home which can be used as remedy to remove spills?

Below, we list down some of methods you can use to remove any types of oil spills: motor oil, baby oil, olive oil, etc.

Step 1: Use baking soda or cornstarch.

This process is ideal for fresh oil stains. Baking soda and cornstarch are good absorbents and will easily soak up any moisture, including oil.

Sprinkle a generous amount of either of the two on the spillage. Rub it into the carpet. Make sure to do it not too lightly nor too harshly. For small stains, use a utility brush or an old toothbrush to make sure that the materials will be able to penetrate into the small fibers. Let the material set before vacuuming it up to remove the powder.

Baking soda and cornstarch won’t damage nor stain your carpet, so they are safe to use. Aside from this, these two are very cheap and are available in any supermarket. They are non-toxic and are made of organic materials and will not harm you.

Step 2: Applying grease-fighting dish detergent.

Dish detergents are good in cleaning off grease because they are especially made to get rid of oil stains on your dishes and cook wares. This material will surely be useful in cleaning oil stains from carpets as well.

When the baking soda or cornstarch has been vacuumed, put a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent on the area where the stain is. Spread it out and form a thin layer of the liquid detergent on your carpet. Use your fingers to make sure that it reaches the smallest fibers. Scrub it with an old toothbrush or a utility brush to make sure that the smaller fibers are well cleaned too.

Step 3: Remove the soap.

This will probably take a lot of time as dish soap suds when in contact with water. Pour a small amount of water on the area. Immediately blot it up with a clean cloth or a sponge. Repeat the blotting process until the soap is completely removed. Once completely rinsed, absorb the excess water by placing a towel over the area and pressing it down very firmly. Allow it to dry.

Important to Note for Removing Old Oil Stains

When the oil was spilled and it wasn’t cleaned right away, freshen it so cleaning it would be less hassle. Apply a drop or two of cooking oil onto the stain and let it sit for an hour and proceed to Step 2 above.

Written by Eric Sappington, owner of Sappington’s Carpet Care, the leading company for carpet cleaning in Columbia, MO.

Protect your concrete garage this winter

Now the winter is well and truly here, your concrete garage needs to be protected to ensure that it stays well insulated. This is key if you want to make sure your garage space is warm even when the outside temperature isn’t. This not only has its benefits if you spend a lot of time in your concrete garage, but also can help save you money and a lot of hassle later on.

Not many people know that if your concrete garage gets too cold on a regular basis it can actually begin to damage equipment that is stored in there, including any expensive vehicles. This will mainly effect items that use water, which will naturally freeze in colder environments, which can damage items such as water jets, indoor taps, hose pipes and watering cans if water is left in there.

So what can you do to ensure that your concrete garage is well insulated this winter?

Ensure weather stripping seals are maintained and replaced

image1The majority of modern day garages will have weather stripping installed between the garage door and the door opening. It is this seal that will keep garages insulated and warm, however over time, this can deteriorate and can crack which will allow air into your garage. If you feel like this is the case, then you will need to remove the weather stripping and replace it. Luckily, we’ve created some quick tips to help you along the way:

  • Using a pry bar or a flat scraper, begin to carefully remove the old weather stripping seal from your garage door
  • Ensure that the surface is clean and smooth
  • Measure your garage door to ensure that you apply the same sized seal
  • Make sure you close the garage door to align the stripping before you re-apply, ideally you want the rubber flap to flatten slightly when the door is closed
  • Now reapply the weather stripping

Insulate the walls

If your concrete garage is quite old, there may be a possibility that it doesn’t have insulated walls. The best product to insulate your garage with is fibreglass, which is used in most modern homes to keep them warm. However, we recommend that you call in a professional to properly install the insulation, as any mistakes could lead to a hefty bill in the long term.

Buy an indoor heater

There aren’t many people who have their central heating running into their garages, and that’s because most of us just use it for storage space. However, with concrete garage conversions becoming more and more popular over recent years, one solution to keeping it warm during the winter is to buy or install a heater in your garage. Although the above options will do the basics to keep your concrete garage warm, it isn’t going to make your garage cosy like the rest of your house that has central heating. Indoor heaters are a great option to heat up small spaces, however we do recommend you only use this when needed, as they can increase electricity bills.

These are just a few of the options available to homeowners looking to protect their concrete garages this winter. However, if you don’t have the time, or simply can’t afford all of the above, do not worry. Every little helps when keeping a garage warm, so start with the weather proofing seal and work your way up throughout the year.

How to ensure your car will survive this winter (and the next!)

Winter is here and that can only mean one thing: rough weather. We get so caught up in the idea of a White Christmas, that we forget all the damage this season can do to our vehicles. We hear things like “winterize” and “traction control tires” but do we really understand the importance of these things?


Winterizing your car can be the difference between hydroplaning or slipping on black ice. It really is important to make sure your car is ready to go, regardless of where you live. Whether you live in Florida and have to deal with the rain, live in Maine and have to live through 6 months of snow and ice, or live in California and have to endure both, your car is going to take a beating. If you are a nervous driver, then these sort of conditions can prove to be less than glamourous.

So, how can you ensure your car is ready to handle it all? It’s simple, really.

Know your area. If you live in a place where it rains half of the year, make sure your tires don’t go bald and that your anti-lock brakes are good to go. The same can be said with the snow. Purchase snow tires for the winter and regular tires for spring and summer.

Your windshield wipers need to also be in tip top shape to be able to handle anything coming your way. High winds will carry debris and hail will make it difficult to see. Fortunately, you can stop by any local auto parts store, like Advance Auto Parts, and they can direct you on the right wipes to buy for your location (they will even put them on for you!

You also want to be a smart traveler. When booking your next work trip or adventure with your friends, and you need to rent a car, make sure you rent one that is designed for the location. Get an SUV with four-wheel drive if you are going into the mountains and not a convertible BMW to look cool. Use Orbitz when booking travel to make it easier to find the safest vehicle.


Property hangover: Discounts, gold to cure multi-billion dollar backlog

Flats in Chennai for saleare still going through tough times as sellers are not finding them easy to liquidate. The unsold inventory in Chennai property market is at record high and the figures are only marginally better as compared to other prominent cities of India. The countrywide backlog stands at multi-billion dollar.

The developers in the southern city of Tamil Nadu are trying several tricks to offload the rising hangover and are coming up with several kinds of discount including:

  • Free gold coins on booking
  • Entry level hatch back car on paying the 20% down payment
  • Foreign trips for the family of 3 to 4 people on booking the flats at launch or under construction stage
  • Various finance schemes such as 5:90:5, which means 5% upfront payment, 90% money through loan and remaining 5% to be paid on possession
  • Discounts of up to 200 to 300 rupees per square feet on market rate
  • No registration, stamp duty, service or VAT on flat purchase, etc.

However, none of these seem to be working as of now for offline sales. The reasons are plenty. And amongst them the prominent ones include high property prices. In Chennai alone, the real estate prices in most places across the city have more than doubled in the last 5 years and even though the backlog is increasing, the developers continue to escalate the cost of flats,each quarter and sometimes even monthly. Hence, discounts of few hundred rupees actually make no sense to prospective home buyers. Other than this, the rising property frauds, inaction by the previous regime, lack of reform measures, higher income rates and stagnant salaries during the recession years have also played their role. All of these factors collectively have meant that the flats in Chennai for sale cannot be taken off the shelf easily. Here is a look at the current inventory situation in this city –

Approximately 7 quarters of backlog

As per the data from the leading consultants, it took more than 4 years for the developers in India to cash their assets.But the rise of online real estate web portals like has salvaged the situation to a large extent. This is because a site like has brought in the much needed transparency and clearness in the property sector, increased the retail participation, gave the common men, builders and developers a joint platform to buy, sell and rent their assets and ensured price rationalization. As a result, the unsold inventory in Chennai now stands at 7 quarters, which is a tad more than 6 quarters, regarded as the healthy signs for realty industry.

New launches and offline sales have fallen

The constant slowdown that existed in the property sector over the last few years has led to fall of new launches and offline sales across the country. The number of new projects being launched in Chennai has fallen by 25% and the sales have declined by 10% year on year. Nonetheless, with realty e-commerce picking up, and property sites like making their presence felt across the spectrum, the sales numbers are expected to increase in the coming quarters.

Honda Mobilio – Amazing Looks and Performance

The Honda Mobilio MPV comes from Honda Motors and it boasts of various amazing features, such as a reverse parking camera screen, a built-in voice guided navigation and a 15.7cm touch screen infotainment system. The vehicle competes against other robust cars like Maruti Ertiga, Renault Lodgy and Toyota Innova.


Where the exterior of the vehicle is concerned, Honda seems to have borrowed a leaf out of the Honda Amaze. It boasts of some interesting features such as a curvy front headlight cluster, robust halogen headlamps and also powerful turn indicators. Its radiator grille has a smiley shape and the company insignia is embossed on its middle. It has a glossy black finish on the side and the vehicle is made more attractive with a large windscreen in the rear and stylish alloy wheels.


The top variants of the Mobilio come with a dual tone interior color scheme. The base and base mid range versions have a single tone beige color scheme. You can get sun visors, cup holders, a large glove box unit, bottle holders, a 15.7cm touch-screen display and various other interesting features. The second row has enough leg space. There are also audio control switches for greater ease.

Engine and Performance

The diesel variants have a 1.5-litre i-DTEC engine which can generate a peak torque of just 200 Nm at 1750 rpm and a maximum 98.6 bhp power at 3600 rpm. The engine has a displacement capacity of 1498 cc. The petrol versions are equipped with a 1.5-litre petrol i-VTEC petrol engine which can deliver a maximum power of 118 bhp @ 6600 rpm and a peak torque output of 145 Nm at 4600 rpm. The engines have a 1497 cc displacement capacity.


The diesel versions can return a mileage of up to 24.3 kmpl on the highways and a minimum of 20 kmpl on the city roads. The petrol versions can return a peak mileage of 17.8 kmpl on the expressways and a maximum 14.3 kmpl fuel efficiency in city traffic.

Safety Features

The car comes with disc brakes fitted on its front wheels and the rear wheels have drum brakes on them. The rear axle has a torsion beam type of system and the front axle has a McPherson Strut system. The top end petrol versions as well as the diesel versions boast of Electronic Brake Force Distribution and ABS. There are important safety features such as side impact protection, advanced engine immobilizer, 3-point ELR seat belts, child safety lock, central locking system and key less entry. The top end trims also have front fog lamps, dual horn, security alarm, auto door lock with speed, dual front SRS airbags and driver’s seat belt reminder.


The Honda Mobilio keeps up the reputation of its maker and seems to be a terrific offering with all guns loaded. This feature-rich vehicle is already winning a lot of appreciation.

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