Protecting Your Backat Home

Do you suffer from back pain and discomfort from time to time? Have you ever considered that it could be directly related to some of the furniture at your home?

Are you a “weekend warrior”? Taking the time and effort to protect your back while playing a round of golf or tackling the honey do list?

Your home is a hotbed of activity that can lead to back problems. From the desk you sit at to the bed you sleep in, if not addressed properly these can lead to a bevy of pain and discomfort.


Let’s start with your desk at the house. Many of us spend a lot of time browsing the web, organizing bills, and helping our kids with their homework at a desk.

According to NASA, standing periodically throughout the day is healthier than walking or daily exercise, so the benefits that come with an adjustable height desk typically exceed expectations of the consumer.

Those benefits include reduced back pain and discomfort, an increase in overall happiness, and improved efficiency and effectiveness.

When we lay down in our beds at night we automatically assume that we are due a good night’s rest. Rarely do we consider how our bed may relate to our overall health, including any back pain and discomfort.

If you find yourself waking up feeling worse than you did when you laid down, it is time to make some changes. Perhaps your mattress is not suited properly for your body, and there are some simple steps that can be taken to find out if this is the case.


If you suspect your mattress is too hard or soft, simple suggestions are available to determine this before you begin to shop for a new mattress.

If you suspect that the mattress is too firm, place a foam sheet approximately 5cm thick on top of it. Sleep on this for a week and see what the results dictate.

If the mattress appears to be too soft, try placing it directly on the floor and sleeping on it for a week. Again, the results should be self-evident.

If you are not able to purchase a new mattress once you determine that this may be the cause of your discomfort, you might try to support your lower back in various ways.

Now that we have covered two essential areas of the home that can cause your back to have a bad day, let’s tackle the more obvious, for our “weekend warriors”.

Weekend softball leagues and those rounds of golf can lead to a wide array of back trouble. Typically, us “weekend warriors” let our ego take over and we think we are pro athletes when we are far from it.

That is where the trouble lies, thinking we can do what our bodies are not trained to accomplish. Keep this in mind as you take to the field or the course.

Lifting is another key area to protecting our backs. Bending at your knees, keeping your back straight, and keeping the item close to your body is a good beginning to protecting your back.

Many other helpful suggestions are available, as anyone who has twisted the wrong way or lifted an object improperly can attest, the pain and discomfort that follows is unforgettable.

Your home should not be a place that causes any undue stress on your body. Take the time now to look at these key areas to ensure your back stays in top shape for decades to come.



How to Keep Your Plumbing System Up to Date

Your plumbing system is something that’s easy to forget about, but once it stops working, you can’t ignore it. For most of us, we’d like to avoid calling the plumber. It’s stressful, frustrating, and draining of both time and money. However, this can be avoided for the most part. Here are a few tips and tricks to take care of your plumbing system regularly so you and your plumber don’t have to become more acquainted than you would like.

Image Credits RonPorter, CC0 1.0
Image Credits RonPorter, CC0 1.0
  1. Mind your pipes. It’s easy to write off your pipes and forget about them. However, check on your pipes to make sure they aren’t leaking. Keeping an eye on them as you interact with your plumbing – such as when you’re working in the kitchen or washing your hands in the bathroom – is an easy way to do it. Leaky pipes can sometimes worsen very quickly and can lead to flooding, severely damaging floors, warped surfaces, or even damage so bad that it can cause the floor to collapse. Copper pipes especially are also sensitive to the amount of oxygen that is in the water. Some factors you can control are the pressure and temperature of the water. Both of these can have an effect on the rate of corrosion, and you can preserve thatrate. Another way that you can control this issue is having a plumber come in to change the material of the pipe, or replace a section of it. For someone as experienced as them, this will be a clear and quick fix. If you experience emergency plumbing, Phoenix has some good resources.
  2. Watch out for drippy faucets. Drippy faucets and leaky pipes are in a similar family. Dripping faucets are nobody’s friend. The dripping sound is irritating, wastes water, and can lead to expensive replacements. This drip calculator gives you an estimate of how much water is lost from one faucet that is dripping over the course of time. You could literally be losing hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water (and lots of money) because of the drips. This can have a tremendous environmental impact, and while it’s felt there, you could also feel it in your pocketbook.
  3. Clean out faucet and showerhead aerators. Your aerator is very important to your faucet. It aids in water conservation, reduces noise, and even shapes the water pressure and amount of water that comes out of your faucet, which prevents splashing. Inside your faucet you’ll find three components that make up the aerator: the housing, insert, and rubber washer. These all have the potential to either get clogged up by mineral deposits (as mentioned previously), or just wear out. Try to wash out your aerator once every three or four months. If there’s low water pressure in your shower and/or faucets, contact your plumber. Your plumber will have the right tools to repair and fix your faucet issues.
  4. Avoid using drain cleaners. This sounds counterintuitive, given the fact that you would rather avoid calling the plumber. However, drain cleaners coat your pipes with hydroxide ions to help in removing gunk. Unfortunately, this often leads to a mineral deposit that could cause you even more issues with leaking faucets. The use of an acidic drain cleaner is potentially dangerous as it can cause severe chemical burns, and if it gets in your eyes, it could even cause permanent vision loss. If you must use a drain cleaner, use it sparingly. In other cases, call your plumber to help loosen up the flow of your drain.
  5. Check your water heater regularly. Water heater maintenance is key. Try to get it flushed out yearly. Check on it during seasonal extremes, like in times of extreme cold or extreme hot. Identify any potential problems that might be going on. Become acquainted with your manual so you know when it’s functioning or when it’s not. Give it plenty of space so it can function properly.

As you maintain your water heater, keep an eye on your pipes and drippy faucets, you’ll become more aware of whatever potential trouble is ahead and know how to avoid it. With mindfulness of plumbing, you’ll hardly have a struggle.

How to Avoid Plumbing Catastrophe

Sometimes we all get a little too lax about our own plumbing system and forget to clean up a little here and there. As a result, it gets easy to ignore small, annoying drips that are in fact symptoms of an even bigger problem. If you’re not careful, you could encounter catastrophe with your plumbing system and pay for even more than just your time. Here are a few issues that you can encounter with your plumbing system and how to deal with them.

Image Credits Kevin Saff, CC BY-SA 2.0
Image Credits Kevin Saff, CC BY-SA 2.0

Leaky pipes

At first glance, leaky pipes don’t really seem like that big of a deal. We often write them off as problems for a later time, and that we’ll be able to deal with them before anything gets really bad. This procrastination can take a toll. However, leaky pipes can sometimes worsen very quickly and can lead to flooding, severely damaging floors, warped surfaces, or even damage so bad that it can cause the floor to collapse. One of the primary things that contributes to leaky pipes is corrosion that results from water that is too basic. This is an especially common problem in copper pipes, which are also sensitive to the amount of oxygen that is in the water. It’s important to catch this problem early, so that you can try to avoid it.

Some of the factors that you can control are the pressure and the temperature of the water. Both of these can have an effect on the rate of corrosion, and by avoiding extremes, you can preserve the rate at which they corrode. Another way that you can control this issue is having a plumber come in to change the material of the pipe, or replace a section of it. For someone as experienced as them, this will be a clear and quick fix. If you’re looking for a plumber, Las Vegas has plenty of options.

Dripping faucets

This is another issue that probably seems pretty minor, and once again, you may decide that you can put it off for a while. However, if you live in a drought-plagued state like those in the southwestern United States, this is almost certainly an issue that you should take care of for financial and environmental reasons. This drip calculator gives you an estimate of how much water is lost from one faucet that is dripping over the course of time. Imagine if this is a problem for multiple faucets in your home. You could literally be losing hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water (and lots of money) because of this “minor” dripping issue. This can have a tremendous environmental impact, and while it’s felt there, you could also feel it in your pocketbook.

Two of the major reasons for dripping faucets are corrosion as a result of mineral deposition, as well as a worn out washer that is part of the faucet. Mineral deposits can be cleaned and solved quickly and easily with the help of a plumber. Taking care of these issues will frequently help you to resolve the dripping faucet problem. If you still can’t figure it out, it might be time to call a plumber.

Low water pressure when showering

This is a pretty common problem that can often be taken care of easily. One of the problems might be that your aerator has built up a bunch of debris and mineral deposit, which has reduced its capacity to help maintain good pressure. Solving this can be done by taking your shower head and cleaning the inside of it, especially the aerator to remove anything that might have built up. Additionally, the low pressure when you shower could be the result of your shower head just getting old and losing some function. If it’s been quite a while since you last changed the head, then you might need to look into getting a new one.

Overall, plumbing disasters do not have to be inevitable. As long as you mind the leaky faucets, pay attention to your pipes, clean out your aerators and shower heads, your plumbing can be just as squeaky clean as the rest of your house.

Bathroom Trends of 2016

Bathrooms are in constant need of updating for one reason or another. Maybe you want a whole new look or maybe you need to replace some things and a complete overhaul just makes more sense.

Whatever the case, before beginning the demolition part of your remodel, consider these 2016 bathroom trends. They will update your space by giving it a modern look and be completely functional.

  1. Wet Rooms. They are usually designed for modern homes but they are becoming more and more popular among older homes that are in the middle of a makeover. They have open-floor plans and a seamless floor without a step-in shower. They are very stylish and versatile and guaranteed to improve the value of your home. Wet rooms are great for small bathrooms and increase the overall safety of your bathroom.
  2. Open Shelving. Rolling up your towels and placing them on open shelves is really chic and clean. They maximise floor space and can be used for just about anything. Open shelving will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom by getting rid of clutter and adding a bit of sophistication.
  3. Undermounted Sinks. You’ll never find a sink quite as beautiful as an undermounted sink that fits perfectly underneath the solid surface of the countertop. These sinks create a sleek and attractive finish with a continuous flow from the counter to the sink. They’re easier to clean and great for utilising all the space you have.
  4. Water Efficient Taps & More. Bathroom remodelling is slowly moving towards eco-friendly and cost-effective options such as shower heads, toilets and water taps. They can all reduce the amount of water you use without losing water pressure. They are safer for the environment and these new trends will save you money in the long run.
  5. Underfloor Heating.This is very popular right now, especially in colder areas. Underfloor heating gives you the warmth you need right beneath your toes. People are finally realising that underfloor heating is a cost-effective way of heating your home and it requires little to no maintenance.

Bathroom trends are constantly on the move with all the updating that can be done to older homes. But unlike other trends, we can expect these to stay in style. Between the modernity of the wet room and the convenience of the underfloor heating, you can create the perfect bathroom.

Give your bathroom a new look with shower stalls

If your shower stalls are beginning to lose its shine and look unappealing, then it’s time that you replace them with the new acrylic shower stalls. Crunchy and clean shower stalls will definitely enhance the look of your bathroom. Moreover replacing the decayed stall with the latest one is also very hygienic & healthful. Well the main dilemma arises which one to choose, shower enclosures or shower stalls.

Shower enclosures are a bit rugged consist of doors whereas shower stalls are free standing shower items. The main advantage of shower stalls is that these are pre-fabricated and can be installed in any part of the bathroom. Well these stalls come with complete kit which contain shower, flooring and doors that swing open or slide. Another advantage of these acrylic shower stall is that these are lightweight, portable and require less maintenance.

Some shower stalls also come with few added features like handle bars for safety and built-in cabinets for keeping little things like soap and shampoo. These showers stalls are very easy to install and come with a complete package. But will it will be good that you opt for the services of a plumber to assist you in handling the installation work. Moreover you can also discuss your requirement with the seller who will help you in choosing the best.

These shower stalls give bit privacy while bathing, and also keep the bathroom area clean. Pre-fabricated stalls are quiet cheap, but you can also get yourself a customized shower stall but for that you have to spend a little extra amount. Compared to the fiberglass the acrylic shower stalls are considered best. Although these acrylic shower stalls are bit heavier and costly but the advantage of these stalls is the permanence and longer life. Fiberglass stalls provide the benefit of cost & weight within the acrylics.

Apart from traditional bath-ware stores, these shower stalls are also available on online stores, where you will come across different varieties that you won’t be able to find at brick and mortar stores.

How To Stop A Toilet From Running

Toilets work in a pretty basic manner. When you flush your toilet the tank fills and lifts up a float which shuts the water off once it gets to a certain point in the tank. Theflush is brought about when a lever opens a flapper. Once the flush happens, and the water level drops, so the lever falls back into place. This is all fine, but what happens when your toiletdoes not flush as it should?

One of the easiest ways of dealing with a toilet that runs all thetime, or just does not flush properly, is to contactprofessionals such as If you would rather try and solve theproblems with your toilet yourself then here are a few tips for you.

Check for problems with the fill tube

You should always make sure that the fill tube is tightly connected to the fill valve. You should also check that the fill tube is positioned about one inch above the overflow tube. This means that water can flow from the fill tube to the overflow tube. If this does not happen then the toilet bowl does not fill correctly and this is turn causes following flushes to lack power.

Adjust the float so the water level can be adjusted

This is fairly simple to do; all you have to do is slide the float up or down to adjust the water level in the tank. If the water level is too low then you will find that your toilet does not flush properly. If the water level is too high then the water spills over into the overflow tube. This interferes with the whole system as the fill valve never shuts off.

This means that the toilet is constantly running. As we mentioned in the title of this article, you can stop this from happening; adjusting the float is how you do it. You should be able to find a fill level mark in the tank. If you cannot see any mark then you should just measure one inch down on the overflow tube. If the water stops at exactly that mark when you flush the toilet then the water levels are fine. If it does not then you need to adjust the float either up or down in order to adjust the water level.

Problems with the flapper

Sometimes, problems with your toilet can be caused by the flapper and the flapper chain. A flapper chain needs to be not too loose and not too tight. If the chain is too tight then the flapper will not closeproperly, meaning that water will keep flowing into the bowl. If the chain is too long then the flush will be weak and the flapper will not stay open as it should. If either of these applies to your toilet then you need to adjust the chain to put it right. If you adjust the chain and the flapper is still not working correctly then it may be worn out and you should purchase a replacement.

Hopefully, you will find that one of our tips works for your toilet plumbing problem and you are able to stop your toilet from running,

The Right Materials for Your Wet Room

A wet room is a room with a tiled floor that has been waterproofed. Anyone can have a wet room installed in their home provided that you use quality materials. Wet rooms have become one of the biggest trends in luxurious bathrooms. They are naturally stylish, contemporary and when working with a small place, they can be a real space-saver.

Wet rooms are considered safer because they are at the same level as the floor rather than having to step over a traditional shower tray, which can cause slipping. With safety in mind, it’s vital that you understand the different materials that are acceptable.

When choosing tiles, it’s important to go with ones that will be slip resistant. Mosaic tiles or natural stone are the best choice for a wet room floor. Avoid choosing any tiles with a gloss or highly polished finish because they are more likely become slippery when wet and could be hazardous.

Underfloor Heating

This feature is definitely something to consider. If you’re in the process of installing a wet room, adding a heated floor is a tempting option that’s totally doable. It’s great for that little bit of extra warmth when in and out of the shower but it also assists in drying the room faster. With a speedier drying process, it decreases the risk of slips and falls.


When your entire room has been made into one large shower, it’s important to add some extra ventilation. If there is a window in your bathroom, it’s important to leave this open as often as possible to prevent build-up of mould and mildew. Adding an extractor fan will also be useful to remove the moisture from the room while you are showering.


In a wet room, water is free to spray almost anywhere and it’s important to keep the room watertight. If you don’t waterproof the room correctly, you are risking extreme damage to the space. You will want to purchase and install the proper equipment such as sealed tanking, waterproof kits and a linear drain that is sealed with the tile from the top. Using this high-quality type of equipment will ensure that your wet room is prepared the proper way.

A wet room might be the perfect solution to your small space or maybe you are in the market for a new bathroom design. Whatever the case, wet rooms are a classy modern way of upgrading your bathroom. Remember, when you are preparing to redo your bathroom, be aware of all of the materials that go into this design.

Old World Bedroom Décor Ideas

There’s nothing better than going to a hotel in the middle of the Lake District or countryside and being checked into a suite that has been perfectly designed with an old world touch. The deep, rich colour scheme complimented by the heavy furnishings and bold detailing are the perfect invite to a comfy and cosy stay. Modern designs have rapidly overtaken in the interior design industry and it’s not always everybody’s cup of tea.


When designing a rustic style bedroom, it’s important not to make it too heavy. If you add too much to the room you can lose the elegant character and create a cramped, messy image instead. There are a few different things to consider to ensure you create a strong old world style. The first and possibly most important thing to consider is the colour scheme, this will be reflected through the walls, window frames, furnishings and details. The most popular rustic colours are browns, dark greens, reds, dark blues, golds and bronze.

All of these colours compliment one and other very well and this enables you to create a strong design with a clear impact. You then need to consider the materials that you want to include in the design, these will be the boldest part to the décor, as the materials will cover a range of different furnishings. Stripes and tapestry patterns are extremely popular in old world designs, along with silks, cotton and velvet. Sometimes, it is even more interesting to combine materials together, for example you may choose a curtain material that is made from cotton, yet has simple velvet or silk detailing.

Now that you have decided on your theme, colours and materials you can start to look at furniture. This is the most exciting part to an old world style room as the furniture is where the age lies. You can find some gorgeous antique pieces that will bring the room together and compliment the style perfectly. The first item to consider is the bed and headboard, almost every old world bedroom has a large, extravagant headboard that stands proud in the centre of the wall, think large wooden frames with beautifully carved detailing, or you could go for a softer approach with a dark leather tufted headboard that will create a commanding presence and still stand out in the room.

If you want to really go all out with the design of the room, you could choose a bed frame that matches the headboard, for example a large wooden bed frame with matching carvings and details. Sometimes even a large wooden four poster bed with a beautifully elegant canopy made from silks or velvets can make a huge statement, this would just depend on the size of the room you were designing. With the bedding, throw pillows are a great way to add to your rustic design, placing them amongst smaller pillows of different designs that work well together you can really create a strong old world style.

Alongside the pillows, ensuring your bedspread is of the correct colour and material is vital, think golds, reds, greens and browns. Having these colours ensures the pieces will all go together well whilst capturing the old world theme. A final feature for the bedding is a throw or blanket, these were extremely popular in previous years as they aid warmth as well as creating a gorgeous look to the bed. The heavier the throw or blanket the better, drape your blanket along the foot of the bed to complete the rustic look you’ve designed.

Finally, you have to decide on your final pieces and details. Curtains are a key element in old world décor, a long heavy material draped to the floor made up of golds, reds, greens will enhance the old world theme and add character to the room.

Allowing the room to feel warm and inviting as they will shield small amounts of light and create a calm atmosphere. Whether they are for show or actually used upon a night time, curtains are a must with any old world design. Then we have the simple design of the door handles, these will add more rustic design to the room, every little detail is key in making sure you create your perfect old world design and have the style you want. Antique brass door handles have a unique finish, enabling them to look excellent especially when used with matching accessories such as their latches and hinges.

Adding a large wooden dressing table or chest of drawers ties the furnishings together beautifully, especially if they match or are of similar material. Upon these items you can add simple features such as golden candelabras, an antique mirror or jewellery box with fine detailing, or why not place a large glass whiskey decanter with a hand carved plaque to label the decanters contents. Simple items like these will ensure the room looks complete and tie the rustic theme together.

Getting Bathroom Accessories at a Much Cheaper Price


From your living room to your bedroom, you might have already spent a lot of money. This leaves you without that much money for your bathroom. Therefore, in as much as you want to buy new bathroom accessories, you can’t do it anymore. It would have been nice to have a new bathtub or a shower enclosure to switch up your bathing experience. If you really want to have these accessories, then you don’t have to worry. You can still bring them home at an affordable price.

Go online

You might be surprised that even huge items can be bought online and shipped directly to your home. As long as you stick with the best company, you have nothing to worry about. There are also more choices when you go online. You just have to compare the options and narrow those down based on quality and affordability.

Wait for holiday seasons

Whether you buy these bathroom accessories via local stores or online, it is best if you wait for holiday seasons, since the items will usually be on sale. Companies will be fighting for each other just to get the attention of people who are willing to buy something during this season. If the holidays are just a few weeks away, you can just wait to take advantage of these offers.

Go for overstocked items

You might be surprised that there are bathroom accessories sold as overstock items. These are old but unused stock. The items are typically sold at 50% of the normal price, or even less. The reason is that the company has already reached the total sales they needed to achieve. The items left can now be sold as overstock items just to dispose of them, and so companies are willing to sell them at a much lower price. Therefore, if you really are on a tight budget, you just have to find where overstock items are on sale.

Compare options

You don’t need to rush when you want cheaper bathroom accessories. If you keep on comparing the options, then it is easier for you to find the best one. There are a lot of special offers available – from bath tubs to shower enclosures and shower trays. At first glance, you will be surprised by the prices, and if you keep on comparing the choices, you will eventually find one that fits your budget. You just have to remember that the quality of the products should not be compromised just because you want to go for a cheaper item.

It takes research, patience and determination to find the best bathroom deals. Once everything has been installed, you will be very proud of what you have accomplished.

Perfect Bedroom Update for your Teens

With a new school year just around the corner it’s the perfect time of year to give your tween or teen’s bedroom a much-needed overhaul. Not only will having a space they love encourage your teenager to actually keep their lair cleaner and neater, but reorganizing and redecorating with your burgeoning adult’s interests and needs in mind will let them know that you understand this is an exciting and sometimes difficult time in their lives–and that you appreciate their individuality. Here’s a look at some tips and tricks that will lead to room makeover results you’ll both love.

Start With a Plan

Teenagers are well-known for their impulsiveness. However, the first step in your teen bedroom makeover project should be letting the voice of experience speak through. Set a budget, talk about your teen’s wants (a hangout spot, fuchsia walls, a life-sized cutout of Natalie Dormer) and your own vision for the perfect room (more storage, a bedspread without stains, a scholarship-worthy homework station) and then meet in the middle with decorating and organization strategies that work for both of you.

Reuse, Freecycle, and Think Outside the Box

Before purchasing any new furniture or accessories, take a good look around and decide what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of. Keep an open mind about furniture–while he or she may have grown too tall for that twin bed, other items in the room might get a completely updated look with a fresh coat of paint or new hardware. Don’t forget to check the rest of the house, garage, basement, and attic for forgotten items that might find a more appropriate home in your teen’s new room.

Shop Smarter

Save the biggest chunk of your budget for furniture and accessories that will go the distance. A nice bed, good desk, and small arm chairs or ottomans will be worth the investment, especially as your teen can transition these pieces to a dorm room or their first apartment later on. For accessories and decorations, make time to go “junk hunting” together. Flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales can all be great places to stumble across affordable and funky finds that you’ll both love.

Give Them Their Own Space

Once you’ve added a coat rack or organization bins to keep clutter off the floor and set up a homework station, be sure to put a little thought into creating a teen-friendly space for them to bring friends over and enjoy. Pictures of their friends, skateboards, trophies, or musical instruments on the wall (depending on your teen’s hobbies and activities) will make the entire room feel personalized. An old futon, loveseat, or even a fluffy rug with floor pillows strewn about will all be welcome additions to the makeover, as well.