Handling a Water Line Breakage Near a Server Room

Your servers are vital to the success and survival of your business, so it’s vital you take the proper steps to ensure your server room is protected. Water damage is a major concern for any information technology, or IT, team. In addition to storing vital data, your servers enable you and your team to communicate with one another. If a water main break occurs in or near your server room, it could destroy your expensive equipment, but the lost data could be even more costly. These tips from MovinCool should help you manage.

Cut Power

Cutting power to the entire area surrounding a water main break is the first step you must take so that you can ensure your safety. Next, you need to remove your most important machines from the area, such as storage and backup servers. Remove your data center cooling equipment, such as a portable AC, only after your servers are safe.

Water Damage Restoration

If you encounter a severe water main break, then you might not have time to remove all of your server equipment quickly enough to prevent damage. If this is the case, calling a water damage restoration company is recommended. Most are available 24/7 and will immediately respond to your service request. A quality restoration service will help you with removing excess water and reducing the amount of damage using portable AC systems to spot cool the worst areas.

Water damage is not easy to manage on your own because some wet spots are difficult to detect. But if moisture is left unaddressed, it could lead to mold growth. Even in a warm server room. A professional team can ensure each affected room is properly dried so that you can have peace of mind.


Looking For a Drain Cleaning Service? Here‘s 6 Tips to Spot a Scam

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that the average household spends about $500 on water and sewer bills annually. The high cost has been attributed to damaged and clogged piping, which leads to incessant leaks. The same report says that, on average one household’s leaks can account for over 5,000 gallons of water wasted annually. By investing in efficient drain maintenance services, you can save a lot on your bill by ensuring smooth flow of water.

Drain clogging is also a health hazard because it can lead to interior damage to the pipes leading to contamination of water. You also have to contend with high costs of repairing burst pipes caused by clogging. This is where a reliable drain cleaning servicecomes in handy. Nevertheless, you have to be on the lookout to avoid falling for scams that have flooded the internet.


Here are some invaluable tips to help identify a drain cleaning scam:

  1. No Physical Address

Any plumbing service needs local premises to operate from. If a company does not want to provide its local physical address, it is most likely a scam. If possible, make sure you visit their offices before you hire the company for drain cleaning solutions.

  1. No Available Licensing

Every contractor requires licensing to practice. Established firms are proud to display their licensing for verification. If your plumber doesn’t provide this important detail, then you better keep looking.

  1. No BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) provides the surest way for a plumbing service to prove its reliability. This platform offers an easy way for clients to register their complaints about a particular company. If a local plumber is not BBB accredited, they must be hiding something. It is important to use a contractor whose services are rated by BBB.

  1. No Proven Track Record

If you are looking for an established drain cleaning service in your area, make sure you get referrals and recommendations from other home owners. If no one knows about the company, this should be a major red flag. Contractors are proud to show off the work they have done in order to attract new business and if yours is not ready to do this, you might be falling for a scam.

  1. The Line of Questioning

When you call a drain cleaning contractor, you expect questions related to the project at hand. If they start asking about how many people are in the house, your alarm bell should go off. Some plumbers take advantage of the elderly especially those staying alone. They will confirm the homeowner is alone and then carry out a shoddy job before disappearing. If you are suspicious about the line of questioning, keep looking.

  1. The Video Inspection Con

Video drain inspection is all the rage today and for many good reasons. It averts costly excavations and also helps identify the clogged part of the drain easily. However, some plumbers use preloaded footage of clogged pipes to convince you to hire them.  Make sure you are watching real time footage and not a re-run.

There you have it; while drain cleaning is critical in home improvement, make sure you don’t fall for a costly scam. Take your time to do a background check of the plumbing service you want to use.

Using LED Lights In The Home

There are so many benefits to using LED (or light-emitting diode) lights, that having them in your home is strongly advised. Whilst regular bulbs and general energy-saving bulbs tend to be cheaper, there are such a considerable number of advantages to LED lights, that they are worth considering when you are looking to replace the lights around your home.

For one thing, they are significantly more economical than regular light bulbs. In fact, they use 90% less energy than regular bulbs, meaning they last significantly longer, more than making up for the higher upfront cost of buying them. Whilst it may be tempting whilst in the DIY store to pick up a cheaper light bulb, in the long run it is much less expensive to use LED bulbs. As well as not needing to be replaced as often, they are far more energy efficient, and could potentially save you over a hundred pounds a year on your electricity bill.

Another benefit of LED lights, is that they reach their full brightness almost instantly upon being turned on, avoiding the first few moments of dim lighting that you so often get with regular light bulbs. However, despite reaching their maximum brightness instantaneously, they are generally only available in dimmer varieties than regular bulbs, meaning for the most part they aren’t as bright.

The light they emit also tends to be more of the blueish, white variety, whereas some people prefer a warmer, more orange toned light in their home. However, more and more LED lights are becoming available every day, including bulbs with higher wattages, and there are now ‘warm-light’ LED bulbs available, although again, these will cost you extra to buy.

LED lights are generally available from most DIY stores or online, and come in a variety of shapes and styles, from regularly shaped lightbulbs to light strips and tubes, and even spotlights. There is something to suit everyone’s needs, so it is worth checking out the LED option when looking to replace any of your lightbulbs.

One of the most common uses of LED lights is for small spotlights under kitchen counters and in bathrooms, as a stylish design element. They are regularly chosen for this use because they are so long-lasting that when used infrequently (as spotlights often are) they can last for several years, therefore they are a particularly good option if you are looking to use lights as a design feature in your home.

Overall, LED lights are an excellent choice for through out your home. Whilst they cost a little more to buy than regular bulbs, they last far longer and so need replacing less, and are far more efficient, meaning you will undoubtedly save money on electricity. There are also more and more types of LED lights becoming available, meaning that the traditional downsides of LED lights – namely the blueish quality of their light and the lower wattages available – are no longer such an issue.


Finding a Decent Removals Firm in London

There are several firms in London that will move your entire household goods and transport them to your new home, delivering all the heavy and bulky stuff off the van and into position in your new abode. Some of the firms we found operating in the capital are so versatile, we believe finding the right removals firm is a piece of cake. Competition in this trade is fierce, so reputable removals firms are aplenty and in such big demand.

Depending on your need, you should go for one that will suit you best. Let’s say you are moving out of your one-bedroom flat in Deptford and shifting north to New Barnet – you could call a big and general London removals company, the reputable Rogers Removals or Aussie Man and his Van. All seem to be able to move your stuff at the drop of a hat and so it’s just a matter of picking the right one.

Rogers Removals began its business in London in the late sixties and started when Roger bought an old van to sell fruit and vegetables door to door in and around London. Several of his clients asked him if he would shift a few tables and chairs, beds or various other items of furniture instead. Such was the demand for shifting furniture, he shelved the fruit and veg sales and concentrated purely on removals. Now he has a fleet of 12 removal trucks working seven days a week across the suburbs and boroughs of London.

If you have some delicate items you need moving and priceless antiquities and the like, then we might suggest a firm such as Movers Not Shakers 020 7630 9005. Your precious furniture and expensive glass cabinets are looked after as if they are the personal effects of the staff themselves. They will also carry out small and standard moves by charging an hourly rate.

If you have a five-bedroom town house (worth about a million pounds in London these days) and have absolutely hordes of stuff you need moving, then try Alexander’s Group: 0333 800 2323. It has moved people from homes as big as a mansion or a stately home in the past, so no job is too big or small for this fleet of removal personnel in London.

If you have an office move then the Fast Forward Group will take all your desks, chairs and computer equipment from one location to the next in a professional manner. They can be reached by calling 0800 45 49 53.


How to Successfully Choose the Most Reliable Commercial Cleaning Companies

Finding the right people to keep your premises clean is a very crucial decision. You understand that you would not want for this task to be left on the hands of those who cannot really be expected to do a fine job doing so. This is why you have decided to take the necessary steps to get an idea of the factors that you must consider of you are to go ahead and seek out the services of the best commercial cleaning companies Sydney. After all, not every single one of the providers you find will be expected to do a good job assisting you.

Start by searching for the names of the more credible, more reputable providers that are in the area. You can always bank on the recommendations and referrals coming from people that you know. Ask around. Gather suggestions. Those that have tried the service of the same providers not too long ago can always give you helpful information about the names of the more reliable cleaning providers where you are.

Opt for the local providers too. You need to remember that this is a task that you would rather rely on the same people on the regular, provided that they do a fine job with the first time that you will seek out their services. The best thing about local providers is that they tend to be more than willing to do the extra mile for their clients. They bank on the patronage of the local scene to continue their business operation, after all.

Getting to know them and the kind of service that they can be expected to extend to you is easier when they are in the local scene as well. You will need to know who they are or what it is that they represent and when they are based in the local scene. Digging up details and information about them is going toe easy enough for you to accomplish. Of course you will want to know their history and the number of years that they have been in the field to decide if these are indeed people that would be worth doing business with.

They need to have credentials to prove the legitimacy of the cleaning operation that they are running too. You need them to conform to the regulations set by the state so you are confident that they would indeed be recognized as credible providers of the services that they are extending. You need to be sure that they are licensed. You need to see too if they are going to have proper insurance coverage before you let them come to your business premises do start cleaning it up.

Know if they have people that have the experience and the training to execute the cleaning job efficiently as well. You need assurance that they employ individuals that have been aptly trained in order for them to actually know what it is that they are supposed to do if they are called into a setting to get things cleaned up. Experience in the field, good track record, a reasonable price, and a reputable service are always very crucial elements that will give you assurance that indeed, you rare referring to the more reliable commercial cleaners in town.