5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor1

Some contracting companies might claim to offer different methods for waterproofing basements. Often hidden in those claims is the objective to steer you into selecting their method. On top of that, their method is usually an interior system for water control. What you need, however, is an exterior basement waterproofing method to completely solve the problem.Before signing a contract, there are a few things to consider to not only ensure the right work is performed, but to also make sure you hire the right contractor for the job. Here are five tips to help you do just that. Ask for credentials and customer reviews. Before you hire a contractor for any type of home improvement project, make sure they have the credentials and enough satisfied customers to take on your basement. You want to know if the contractor has current licensing, insurance, and is bonded in your state. Association memberships are also a good sign that the contractor is legitimate. Typically, these organizations have a set of ethical standards that contractors must follow to keep their membership in good standing.2. Look for structure lifetime transferrable warranty language in the contract. This wording is extremely important; you are guaranteed that the contractor is held to task if problems stem from their work. Make sure that the contract is not too wordy; the contractor might try to cover loopholes in heavily legal jargon.3. Ask to see samples of the materials that will be used. You have a right to seek quotes from more than one contractor. Comparing what two or three contractors are offering to waterproof your basement will help you make an informed choice. With this should come samples of the materials each contractor plans to use.4. Seek reasonable pricing for what you need. Conservative estimates from each contractor are especially important. Even if cost is not your biggest concern, you need to feel comfortable that you are getting a fair deal. Have a solid understanding of what your basement needs.5. Ask questions about anything that seems unclear. Interview each contractor extensively. You are hiring a client, not the other way around. All questions you have should be answered before, during and after the improvement project is complete.Hiring a contractor to waterproof your basement is never an easy task. You ask questions, research past performance but ultimately, you have to trust that the contractor will do the work.

Benefits You Will See When Visiting an Esthetician Regularly

Visiting an esthetician on a regular basis can produce a number of benefits associated with skin health and appearance. An esthetician can perform any of a number of different applications of specific treatments that are designed to ensure that your skin can sustain its vitality and health. Estheticians are highly trained in the area of skin wellness, which equips them to assist individuals in maintaining the proper balance of oil and moisture content in their skin.

Confusing Esthetics with Dermatology

Some people confuse esthetics with dermatology; however, they are distinct in a couple of ways. A dermatologist is a licensed physician that specializes in treating disorders of the skin, while an esthetician will focus on maintaining skin health through practices that exclude the diagnosis, prescription or treatment that would require a medical license. People normally visit a dermatologist when some type of skin condition or disorder develops, while people visit estheticians to help sustain the health and beauty of their skin. It is possible for a person who is being treated by a dermatologist to still use the services of a well-trained esthetician to subsidize the treatment that they are receiving from their dermatologist.

Ensure Thorough Cleansing of the Skin

Even the person who washes their face on a regular basis will leave behind excess oil and particles. Visiting an esthetician on a regular basis will ensure that your skin will be thoroughly cleaned, which is essential to maintain good skin health. Much in the way that it is necessary to visit the dentist periodically to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned, it is a good idea to visit an esthetician regularly for a good facial scrub.

Complete Extraction of Particles

Although home treatments can help extract dirt and particles from the skin, it will be necessary to have a professional esthetician perform the extraction process to ensure that particles that have been left behind are removed before they corrupt the skin. One of the most common causes of skin breakout is contamination from dirt and other particles in the skin. Visiting an esthetician on a regular basis ensures that those particles that are missed can be extracted before they cause any long term damage.

Effective Education

One of the most powerful benefits of visiting an esthetician on a regular basis is the amount of knowledge that will be gleaned from the esthetician that treats you. You will learn the proper way to take care of your skin when you are at home. You can also learn what type of products and chemicals to avoid when cleaning your skin. These visits are the ideal opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have concerning the health and wellness of your skin.

While a person who is dealing with an obvious skin disorder will need to visit a dermatologist, someone who is simply looking to maximize their skin health can gain a number of benefits by visiting an esthetician regularly.

A Single Basement Crack Can Destroy Your Home

If you find a crack in your basement, no matter how small, it is important that your hire a Basement crack repair service to fix the problem right away. Cracking around the foundation of your property can lead to dampness and full blown leaks or flooding. In turn this will rot the structure, weakening and warping it. If left untreated this can cause health issues from mould and microorganisms, but could also cause untold damage and hefty repair costs.

One crack may seem harmless in the beginning, but what follows could ruin your home and put your family at risk.

What Causes Cracking?

Colorado Springs water damage restoration explains that cracking is a gradual process that may go unnoticed by a homeowner for many years until leaks begin to occur. Even then it may be difficult to find the source of the leak. Most cracks occur because of the changes in weather and the contrast between hot and cold temperatures. This causes the wood to expand and contract, which over time can lead to stress and then cracking of the structure. There is also a level of “settling” that occurs after a property has been built as the ground becomes accustomed to the weight above it. This can also cause cracking, though usually it is unseen and not harmful in the beginning.

If you suspect there is a leak or you notice cracking without any dampness, you should take the time to clear out the basement and fully assess the situation.

Your house is not going to fall down because of a superficial crack, it’s long term water exposure that does the most damage. But if you can catch a problem developing early it may save you money in the long run.

It’s worth noting that not all cracks are harmful. Hairline cracks on floors or walls are often the result of contractions and may just be cosmetic in nature and can be filled and painted over yourself. It’s deep cracks to the foundation that let in water that are the biggest concern. All cracks must be monitored however, as continued movement and a combination of cracks building up together can turn a small problem in to a big one.

Not All Leaks Are From Cracks

Not all dampness in your basement is caused by cracking to the foundation. A poorly waterproofed property may let water in when it reaches the exterior of the basement’s walls. This is also true of badly designed drainage systems. An expert will be bale to determine exactly what the cause of the leak is and the best course of action to fix it.


The Fix

Depending on the problem at hand, the fix will vary. A common method for fixing cracks is to drill holes nearby and then inject a polyurethane resin that will fill in all of the space and prevent water from seeping through.


Other waterproofing methods might then be used to ensure that cracks or no cracks, your basement will be kept dry and stable.

Usage of the Stamped Concrete

These days, different types of stamped patterns are available on the market to add some new dimensions and natural looking effects to the conventional concrete surfaces. Though there are a number of design lines available in the Whitby stamped concrete, but there are a few types, which are mostly popular. In the residential market of Oshawa, the Oshawa stamped concrete is boosting the curb appeal as well as turning the heads as the paving materials for the pool decks, driveways, entryways and the patios. Besides, often these concretes also work as the alternative to the natural stone or the brick pavers. Due to the immense popularity of this concrete, now these are getting installed in different parts of this globe.

The best thing about these concretes is that no matter whatever the climate is, the stamped concretes installed in a proper manner can offer the same strength, permanence and durability as the traditional concrete. With the help of the right mix of the design and the right placement process like the proper sealing and proper maintenance, the Whitby stamped concrete in the exterior areas can easily deal with even the harsh desert sun, the salty ocean breezes or the freeze thaw conditions.

Additionally, with the sufficient reinforcement, the stamped concretes can easily bear up under the heavy foot traffic and under the vehicle. This is one of the qualities for which stamped concrete has become the ideal choice, even for enhancing the beauty of the public places like shopping malls, theme parks, parking lots, lobbies etc.

Another great thing about the Oshawa stamped concrete is that it can be offered a regional flair easily by using custom patterns, textures and colors, which easily blend with the environment of that area. Though the most common examples of stamped concrete are seen in the underfoot and in the outdoor areas, but these concretes can also be applied to the indoor areas. The latest trends of using these concretes are:

  • These concretes are often stamped with slate, Fieldstone, wood plank patterns or tiles in the floorings of the kitchens, entrances, basements or family rooms
  • These concretes can add decorative interest to the concrete bar tops, countertops and to the bathroom vanities. Even the small embellishments of these stamped concretes can have a great impact as these surfaces remain close to the eye level.
  • It is also possible to rejuvenate the existing concrete made floor with the stamp able polymer-modified overlays that come with the similar design options like the stamped concretes.