Avoid these mistakes to prolong the life of your Wood Floor

A wooden floor is one of the best elements that you can select for your home or office. Whether you go for the modern or the rustic kind, the floor adds warmth and elegance to any space.

Hardwood floors promise durability if you take good care of them. On the other hand, you can mess the floor with seemingly harmless practices that could reduce the life of your floor significantly. Here are some of them:

1. Leaving Loose Dirt

The normal sweeping and vacuuming is more than just cleaning on hardwood floors. Every minute that loose dirt is left on the surface increases the chances of scratching the finish. With time, the floor loses its shine and becomes dull. Make sure that any dirt is eliminated right away before it becomes an abrasive when stepped on. Have an entry mat at the door where you can wipe your feet before getting into the house.

Talking of vacuuming, remember the choice of vacuum cleaner attachment is essential. Avoid those with beater bars as they can damage the floor. Go for those with hardwood brush attachments. Unlike sweeping, vacuuming sucks out dirt from cracks and crevices, making it even more effective. Avoid oil-based cleaning materials. Check with the manufacturer for recommended cleaners.


No matter how enthusiastic you are about keeping your wooden floor clean, water will do more harm than good. Moisture is the worst enemy of a wooden floor. It can easily penetrate the fibers of the wood making the boards swell, warp, cup or even separate. Do not be tempted to pour water reasoning that you’ll wipe it up only minutes later. The water can be absorbed into cracks and crevices within seconds, and will remain trapped there even after you wipe the surface. Use a damp cloth at most, and dry the floor right away.

Should you still notice signs of water damage, maybe the moisture is originating from underneath the surface. Most wood floors are fixed on concrete. If this is the source of moisture, you can go for commercial concrete repair services to sort out the issue.

3.Delaying Spills

A spill on a wooden floor should be treated like an emergency. Every minute that you wait gives the liquid time to seep into the wood, potentially damaging it from within. If the spill is left long enough to dry, a lot of effort will be needed to remove it and a discolored spot is likely to be left behind. Avoid this by wiping spills immediately using a damp cloth, and then drying the spot right away.

4.High Heels

That pair of stilettos may look like royalty on your feet, but could cause permanent damage to your floor. That narrow heel with your weight added on it becomes like a nail being driven into the wood. Remember the resultant damage is permanent. With time, your floor will be dull and uneven. Wear your shoes at the door when leaving the house and leave them there when coming in.

Other sharp objects such as chair/table legs have a similar effect. Place rubber protectors under them. Clip and file your pets’ nails as well.

Avoid these mistakes and your floor is likely to remain in good shape for years to come. Hardwood floors do not come cheap; take good care of it so it can give you good value for money. For all the advantages that it brings, these adjustments are minor and should see you enjoy an even and shiny floor for a long time.





Why should you choose timber floors while renovating your home?

If you are eyeing a magnificent transformation of your house, then home renovation is the best word you would actually come up with. Home improvement is a wide bracketed jargon which in fact involves a range of renovation techniques and ideas. However, the common line of all such refurbishment techniques is to lend a fantastic and endearing appearance to your home and make the saying “home sweet home” all the more ideal.

Among the many aspects of home renovation which home owners consider, flooring is something which deserves significant mention. Floors remain a dominant feature in any home and hence can significantly improve the look and feel of your interiors.Timber flooring, specifically, is the best way to entice the guests and make the neighbours turn envious.Find the right suppliers of timber flooring melbourne and add an elegant look to your home.

timber flooring melbourne

Benefits of timber floors

Wondering what’s so special about this flooring?

  • The best thing about this flooring is that it lends a natural and cosy look to your interiors.The natural texture and appeal of timber can, in fact, make the rooms super comfortable, warmand inviting and the best den to reside in.
  • More so, there remains no need to add to other floor accessories, like carpets and rugs, to enhance its attraction.
  • The bold yet unique and natural patterns that you find in timber floors can be a lot enticing. While you go out shopping for them, you can find timber floors in a wide ensemble with great choices of earth and brown colours, thereby making it all the more easier to find your desired floors which can aptly complement your prevailing interior design.
  • Timber floors are environment-friendly. So, this is the best solution you can get if you are looking for a green alternative to flooring.
  • Timber floors are easy to clean as they get more resilient to the dangers of grime and dirt. Since the dust mites are eradicated, hence timber floors are simply great. Hence, you can cut down on your floor cleaning time by simply wiping off the spillages.
  • Timber floors have anti-allergic properties and are especially useful for those who suffer from asthma.

Types of timber floors

After glancing through the benefits, the next obvious question that strikes your mind is about the choices you have. There are multiple options, yet let’s focus on the top and unbeatable ones which are readily available with the leading suppliers.

  • Solid timber

To be precise, this is something that is highly popular among the home owners. It comes in a variety of species, sizes and grades to match your desired specifications. It has patterns and intrinsic characteristics that would inevitably fit in your home. More so, this is highly economical.

  • Pre-finished engineered oak wood

Another kind of amazing timber floors, it serves to be a highly robust, stable and secure construction item. Available in a range of finishes, types and widths, it can bring in an amazing elegance to the floor.

  • Solid Timber

Another kind of popular floor, it adds to your convenience. This timber floor can be installed as it is in the finished format.

How to choose the supplier?

  • Go with the one which has its supplies readily available and in a range of types.
  • The supplier should offer within-budget materials and have a high repute.

Sanding and Polishing Concrete Surfaces

It wasn’t all that long ago that concrete would only be used to finish a wall or floor when that surface was hidden away – such as in a closet or down in the basement. However, these days the sentiments are shifting, and more people are open to the possibility of using this building material as a finishing medium.

In fact, some interior designers and architects even prefer to finish a home in this fashion. Using concrete as finish plaster on walls is even viewed as elegant and tasteful in some architectural circles. And with some floor sanding and polishing in Geelong (or elsewhere, depending on where the property is located), it’s possible to produce a lustrous sheen that makes the surface truly attractive.

Some builders even favour this approach because – while it does have an admittedly pleasing aesthetic value – concrete also adds a high degree durability to the surface. You’ll be able to get much more wear out of in the process.

How to Apply Polished Concrete to Walls and Floors

Plastering is certainly not an easy job, and it takes a bit of skill in order to pull it off successfully. Even so, we’ll go over a few of the higher points here just to give you an idea of what is involved in the process.

When plastering walls with polished concrete, you must first cover the surface with a typical finishing plaster. This is created by mixing sand and concrete, and the thickness of the sand will affect how glossy the plastered surface will be. Opposite this, the fineness of the sand affects how smooth the final polished surface will feel. This method of plastering with cement is called parging.

As you add new layers, you decrease the ratio of sand to cement little by little, until mainly cement remains. At this point, you wipe the wall with cement dust and smooth it in with a mason’s trowel. Flatting transparent can be applied for more gloss.

Know When to Call the Professionals

When it comes to plastering, it’s important to recognise when you are getting in over your head so that you can call in the professionals for help. Fortunately, there are plastering experts out there who can help you with the details.

Likewise, you’ll also be able to find experts in floor sanding and polishing in Geelong and beyond. Once the initial concrete flooring has been laid, you can call a team out to have it sanded and polished until it absolutely shines. Achieving this sort of result would be difficult on your own. However, with the help of a professional team of polishers and sanders, you’ll have your concrete floors and walls looking better than you ever imagined.

The good news is that services like this are competitively priced thanks to the level playing field inspired by the Internet. A bit of shopping around will some truly attractive packages and prices for you to take advantage of.

Different Types of Finishes for Marble

Marble is one of the most versatile types of stone and it can be used for almost anything, including for flooring, shelves, pillars, statues and much more. However, what you don’t always know is that are plenty of different types of finishes and each of them are used in different ways and for different areas of the house. Some of these can make the stone look different, which can be used to create unique effects in your house, so make sure to check them out and pick which ones you like the best and the ones that you think would look great.


Makrana Marbles Price List has plenty of great options and selections that you can choose from, including a simple polished finish. This simply means that the stone is buffed and shined until it reaches the highest level of shine that it can reach. This allows the natural coloring of the stone to shine through and it gives any room a rich and elegant look. This type of finish is typically done for flooring and a honing style can also be done for the same effect, but with a lower level of shine. This finish would have a dull, yet smooth appearance and can be used in various locations, including for shelving or for tiling floors or shower stalls.

Depending on where you are going to put the stone, then there are also a few other ones, which would work the best for shelving areas. You can enjoy a sandblasted option, which is created when a high pressure jet stream of steel shots or siliceous sand are applied to give the stone a slightly scratched feeling. Also, another option is the flamed style, which means that the stone is treated by intense flame which makes the surface bust and gives it a rough feeling. All of these can be used and you should make sure that you pick the one that works the best for you.

There are so many options when it comes to putting down marble in your house and you should make sure that you are taking into consideration where you are placing it before you decide on what type. For example, you probably don’t want to put the highly polished stone in the shower where it can become slippery when it is wet and a rougher or less polished style would work. Check out all of your options before you make your decisions and create a gorgeous home now!

The Many Benefits of Choosing: Why Granite Flooring is Hard to Beat!

Any homeowner is thinking about to upgrading or renovating their home ought to think about the numerous advantages of picking Granite tile for such applications as countertops, backsplashes and ground surface. Granite is an adaptable material that arrives in a wide assortment of hues, making it an astounding characteristic Granite for use in home redesign ventures. There are numerous great reasons why Granite tiles are turning out to be more prominent in home development and remodel ventures. As a standout amongst the most thick and hard regular Granite materials accessible, they are a perfect decision for kitchen countertops, dividers and ground surface. Not just is Granite extremely sturdy and dependable, it has a characteristic wonder that is engaging in an assortment of uses. Contrasted with strong Granite, Granite tiles cost 66% less with the greater part of the excellence and the points of interest. Legitimate tiles are smooth to the touch, pleasantly molded and cleaned. You can observe the huge selection of countertops in Chicago.

Granite floors and kitchens go together like hand and glove. The kitchen is the one room in the house where the floor gets greatest utilize and endures the most in the method for spills of assorted types, dropped things prone to bring about harm and steady cleaning. So Granite, being the most proficient ground surface material to persist everything a kitchen can toss at it, truly is an extraordinary decision for that room in the house. Granite comes in a wide range of styles and examples so it will dependably look great and taste satisfying. Granite, being one of the hardest, most strong materials for ground surface there is, settles on it an incomparable decision for a kitchen floor. It is flexible to reclosing and corrosive and soluble base compound spills. It will oppose oil, fat and oil slicks and also bubbling water, tea and espresso, fizzy, sugary beverages; truth be told pretty much anything a hyperactive culinary specialist can toss at it! It will survive falling so as to be assaulted cutlery, ceramics and dish sets the length of the subsequent rubble is quickly cleared up and not left to be ground in by a horde of shod feet. This leads us on to keeping your Granite floor clean.

If you want get appealing counter, must check huge selection of countertops in Chicago. The quality of Granite tiles settles on it a flawless decision for use in high movement zones, for example, lobbies or kitchen floors. As one of the hardest materials accessible, this normal Granite is impervious to scratches, warmth and consumption, making it a magnificent ledge decision for both kitchen and washroom. Since it is a characteristic material, it engages homeowners who need to settle on the best naturally amicable decision of material for their home. These sorts of tiles are a vastly improved venture than any manufactured deck or ledge alternative. Granite is a simple support material that with general cleaning and administer to years without blurring or losing its unique magnificence. One of the best portrayals of Granite tile is simple – simple to introduce, simple on the eye, simple to tend to. It is simple on the financial backing since utilizing Granite tiles as a part of redesign undertakings is more reasonable than strong Granite yet all the brilliant advantages are figured it out. In the occasion one or a few tiles are harmed, they can be effectively supplanted.

Choosing a Good Flooring Store

When you are looking to fix up your home through the help that new flooring offers, you need to have a way to figure out who will offer you the best flooring. You need to know what you should look for in those who offer flooring to you, and you need to know how to pick the right store for your needs. When you are choosing flooring for your home, so that you can change up the place and make it like new, make sure that you know who you can turn to.

Flooring Store

Look for help in those who offer you just what you need. When you are seeking carpet in Lethbridge, make sure that you know who you should turn to and who is going to set you up with the right carpet. When you are looking for flooring stores in Lethbridge, make sure that you know which one will be right for your needs and will best provide you with the help that you need. The flooring that you add to your home will change the place up, and you need to find the best flooring store to get what you need.
How to Choose a Good Flooring Store:

When you are looking for new carpet in Lethbridge, you want to find a flooring store that offers you a variety of carpet options. You are looking for the right carpet for your home, and the store that you pick as the one that will supply you with that needs to offer you the options that you are seeking. Look for a store that offers a variety of carpet, so that you can choose the carpet that will be best for your needs. Seek out a store that is going to give you just what you need in regard to carpet and that will allow you to get set up with just what you want.

When you are looking for flooring stores in Lethbridge, make sure that you look for the kind of stores that will offer you a good price for the carpet that you receive. Look for stores that will provide you with the flooring that you want at a cost that will work out for you. Know that you should be able to find the kind of flooring that you want without overspending. Seek out a store that provides you with just what you are looking to receive at prices that are fair and good. Look for help in those who will give you what you want at a good price.

Finding a flooring store that will set you up with what you need in regard to your home is important work. You need to find a store that will provide you with good flooring options. The store that you choose needs to be one that will give you what you want. Look for a store with a variety of carpet options and one that provides all that they provide for a price that is fair.