5 of the Best Things You Can Do to Protect Your Home

When it comes to home security, you need to be sure that you and anyone living in your home is protected. The unfortunate truth is that no one is safe when it comes to home invasion. Sometimes burglars even pick homes based on their evaluation of how secure they are or not. The easier a house is to break into, the greater the odds that they will attempt to do so. Check out these tips you can follow in order to better protect your home from a break in.

Security Alarm
5 of the Best Things You Can Do to Protect Your Home

1. Get a Home Security Alarm

A home security alarm is one of the best residential security systems you can have as a homeowner. Even when thieves sometimes even get a glimpse of a sign that says a home is protected, they will avoid it like the plague. A home security system is a real threat to any would be intruder. They often scope out their targets in broad day light and come back at night to strike. Many would be intruders will be held up by either seeing a sign for residential security systems or just tripping the home security alarm once they try to break in. Regardless, a home security alarm is enough to make any would-be cat burglar think twice about ripping off your home and will scare them off if they try it.

2. Get a Dog

A good guard dog is worth its weight in gold. They will bark when they hear the slightest noise and alert you to the fact that someone strange is trying to enter the home. If intruders do enter the home, the dog poses a real threat and may even bite or attack them. A loyal large dog with protective instincts is one of the best lines of defence you can have.

3. Motion Detector Lights

Lights that turn on when the motion detector gets triggered are a good way to keep your home well lit and safe. It’s much easier to sneak up in the dark on a home to break in, but once those lights come on, some thieves will get spooked. They’re inexpensive but a good value for what you get from them.

4. Video Monitoring Systems

Video monitoring systems are more affordable than ever and allow you to watch your perimeter from a safe distance away. Better yet, you can watch live feeds remotely when you’re not at home with some models. See what’s happening on your property whether you’re in your home or in the grocery store. It’s as simple as going to Amazon.

5. Get Double Locks

If your door only has one type of lock, you should really think about getting two locks. A deadbolt and a regular door knob is the double protection that you need from burglars that would try to break down the door. Have new locks installed yourself, by a friend, or even by a service if you need to. If it can provide peace of mind and extra safety, it’s worth it.