Avoid these mistakes to prolong the life of your Wood Floor

A wooden floor is one of the best elements that you can select for your home or office. Whether you go for the modern or the rustic kind, the floor adds warmth and elegance to any space.

Hardwood floors promise durability if you take good care of them. On the other hand, you can mess the floor with seemingly harmless practices that could reduce the life of your floor significantly. Here are some of them:

1. Leaving Loose Dirt

The normal sweeping and vacuuming is more than just cleaning on hardwood floors. Every minute that loose dirt is left on the surface increases the chances of scratching the finish. With time, the floor loses its shine and becomes dull. Make sure that any dirt is eliminated right away before it becomes an abrasive when stepped on. Have an entry mat at the door where you can wipe your feet before getting into the house.

Talking of vacuuming, remember the choice of vacuum cleaner attachment is essential. Avoid those with beater bars as they can damage the floor. Go for those with hardwood brush attachments. Unlike sweeping, vacuuming sucks out dirt from cracks and crevices, making it even more effective. Avoid oil-based cleaning materials. Check with the manufacturer for recommended cleaners.


No matter how enthusiastic you are about keeping your wooden floor clean, water will do more harm than good. Moisture is the worst enemy of a wooden floor. It can easily penetrate the fibers of the wood making the boards swell, warp, cup or even separate. Do not be tempted to pour water reasoning that you’ll wipe it up only minutes later. The water can be absorbed into cracks and crevices within seconds, and will remain trapped there even after you wipe the surface. Use a damp cloth at most, and dry the floor right away.

Should you still notice signs of water damage, maybe the moisture is originating from underneath the surface. Most wood floors are fixed on concrete. If this is the source of moisture, you can go for commercial concrete repair services to sort out the issue.

3.Delaying Spills

A spill on a wooden floor should be treated like an emergency. Every minute that you wait gives the liquid time to seep into the wood, potentially damaging it from within. If the spill is left long enough to dry, a lot of effort will be needed to remove it and a discolored spot is likely to be left behind. Avoid this by wiping spills immediately using a damp cloth, and then drying the spot right away.

4.High Heels

That pair of stilettos may look like royalty on your feet, but could cause permanent damage to your floor. That narrow heel with your weight added on it becomes like a nail being driven into the wood. Remember the resultant damage is permanent. With time, your floor will be dull and uneven. Wear your shoes at the door when leaving the house and leave them there when coming in.

Other sharp objects such as chair/table legs have a similar effect. Place rubber protectors under them. Clip and file your pets’ nails as well.

Avoid these mistakes and your floor is likely to remain in good shape for years to come. Hardwood floors do not come cheap; take good care of it so it can give you good value for money. For all the advantages that it brings, these adjustments are minor and should see you enjoy an even and shiny floor for a long time.





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