What are the main features that make this type of kitchen so successful?

In recent times modern kitchen design is the most chosen, mainly by young couples, who furnish for the first time their home.


First of all the great popularity of modern kitchen design depends on the particularity of the colors of all the furniture that compose it: from pure white with shiny finish, which makes the room brighter, to the total black one for people from the rock soul, but also total red, orange, yellow or violet kitchen to be always in good humor.

Others unmissable elements in modern kitchen design are the so-called “islands” and “peninsulas”: they are an excellent solution, particularly in open space rooms, because with their extended shapes create a sort of separation between the kitchenette and the zone where meals are eaten. Besides “islands” and “peninsulas” can be used themselves as a table where to eat, sitting on special stools expressly combined to them. In some cases the “peninsula” can be equipped with sink and cookers, serving as a stovetop.

Even the light plays a very important role in modern kitchen design: depending on the tastes, it is possible to find spotlights which propagate a soft light in the room, for warm and romantic atmosphere, or great chandeliers in the same color of the furniture and this to give to the room an elegant and palatial aspect.

Indisputable protagonists of a modern kitchen design are the great domestic appliances: the oven with chrome trims is almost always cashed in the forniture while the fridge is large size and it can be cashed or single. Besides on the shelves are exposed others electrical appliances as: mixer, kitchen robot or coffee machine: all these domestic appliances are energy saving.

As it regards instead the materials in which are built modern kitchen design, it is necessary to specify that the most used are stainless steel, glass but also granite and this because besides giving a great aspect to the furniture, they make them easy to clean.

Also the choice of the floors is very important to obtain modern kitchen design: the most chosen are those with ceramic tiles or with wooden strips joined together to form a wonderful parquet. It is possible to decide to pave the floor with uniform color for the entire surface or to opt for two different colors to divide the environments in open space kitchen without building a partition wall.

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