Usage of the Stamped Concrete

These days, different types of stamped patterns are available on the market to add some new dimensions and natural looking effects to the conventional concrete surfaces. Though there are a number of design lines available in the Whitby stamped concrete, but there are a few types, which are mostly popular. In the residential market of Oshawa, the Oshawa stamped concrete is boosting the curb appeal as well as turning the heads as the paving materials for the pool decks, driveways, entryways and the patios. Besides, often these concretes also work as the alternative to the natural stone or the brick pavers. Due to the immense popularity of this concrete, now these are getting installed in different parts of this globe.

The best thing about these concretes is that no matter whatever the climate is, the stamped concretes installed in a proper manner can offer the same strength, permanence and durability as the traditional concrete. With the help of the right mix of the design and the right placement process like the proper sealing and proper maintenance, the Whitby stamped concrete in the exterior areas can easily deal with even the harsh desert sun, the salty ocean breezes or the freeze thaw conditions.

Additionally, with the sufficient reinforcement, the stamped concretes can easily bear up under the heavy foot traffic and under the vehicle. This is one of the qualities for which stamped concrete has become the ideal choice, even for enhancing the beauty of the public places like shopping malls, theme parks, parking lots, lobbies etc.

Another great thing about the Oshawa stamped concrete is that it can be offered a regional flair easily by using custom patterns, textures and colors, which easily blend with the environment of that area. Though the most common examples of stamped concrete are seen in the underfoot and in the outdoor areas, but these concretes can also be applied to the indoor areas. The latest trends of using these concretes are:

  • These concretes are often stamped with slate, Fieldstone, wood plank patterns or tiles in the floorings of the kitchens, entrances, basements or family rooms
  • These concretes can add decorative interest to the concrete bar tops, countertops and to the bathroom vanities. Even the small embellishments of these stamped concretes can have a great impact as these surfaces remain close to the eye level.
  • It is also possible to rejuvenate the existing concrete made floor with the stamp able polymer-modified overlays that come with the similar design options like the stamped concretes.

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